Our Ethos

As human beings, we are becoming a lot more conscious about the things that we consume, and the effect that unsustainable, unethical or unhealthy products can have on our environment and wellbeing.

Here at The Ledbury Pet Co. we believe that this compassion and awareness should extend to the things that we buy for our pets.

We know that healthy, wholesome, ethically sourced products exist, because we have actively sought them out to bring to our town.

As our new venture develops, we will look to integrate ourselves within the local community, by holding and assisting in events and open days with local charities and causes.

In short, these are our self-appointed missions:

  1. To listen to our local community, so that we may achieve a greater understanding of the wants, needs and concerns of the town, and do our bit to help. Whether that’s stocking a certain product, offering some pet-related advice, or supporting a local cause.
  2. To promote ethical, natural and sustainable pet products, so that pets of future generations can thrive in a kinder, greener world.
  3. To celebrate independent, British pet supply manufacturers, by offering their goods to the local Ledbury community.

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