About The Ledbury Pet Co.

We are an independent pet supply & gift shop situated in the heart of Ledbury town centre.

Our little business came about when we noticed that it was hard to come by ethically sourced and environmentally friendly pet supplies – and we should know, thanks to 8+ years experience within large chain pet retailers.

Nutrition is of utmost importance to us. We believe that pet foods should be 100% natural, wholesome and balanced. We understand it can be a minefield trying to find the best diet for your pet, which is why we’re always on hand to bust the jargon, offer advice and listen to your concerns.

Wellbeing is of equal importance. We believe that your pets should enjoy the toys and treats they deserve, at no detriment to their (or the environment’s) health. Thats why we have sourced natural, sustainable and healthy goodies, so that their happiness (and your conscience) is never compromised.

Ledbury’s sense of community is important to us, and we can’t wait to share this exciting, new venture with you.

Contact Us

To place an online enquiry please fill out the form below or email info@theledburypetco.co.uk: